TAB Zing Wickets to make their debut in the Otago Volts v Northern Knights game in Hamilton.

TAB brings extra Zing to cricket

The TAB proudly announces that it has partnered with New Zealand Cricket to bring new innovative Zing technology to the HRV Twenty20 tournament to make New Zealand’s most exciting cricket competition even more entertaining.

First introduced in Australia’s Big Bash competition last summer, the popular innovation uses a sensor in the bails to determine within 1/1000 of a second when the wicket is broken, and make the wickets instantly burst into bright red flashing LED light.

TAB Head of Sports Betting Simon Thomas said “This is the latest advance in the evolution of cricket technology and we’re very proud to bring it to New Zealand for the first time”.

To celebrate the new technology, the TAB is introducing new betting options based around which wicket will be the first dismissal by Zing – when the ball hits the wickets – in each innings. Zing dismissals are bowled, run-out, stumped and hit wicket.

“The TAB is delighted to bring another element of excitement to cricket betting this season. There’s a fair bit of chance as to which wicket will be the first to fall by Zing – by our reckoning roughly one in every three wickets will be out that way – so there are plenty of opportunities for punters to cash-in on cricketers lighting-up the stumps,” said Mr Thomas.

NZC GM Domestic Cricket, David Cooper said “The TAB Zing Wickets will provide another element of excitement to the night time HRV Twenty20 matches. The LED lighting system flashes when the wickets are broken and this creates a visual effect in stadia and on television – we are thrilled to have partnered with the TAB to bring this technology to New Zealand.”

Developed to enhance viewers’ entertainment experience, TAB Zing Wickets will be in use for all remaining televised HRV Twenty20 games starting with this Friday’s match between the Northern Knights and the Otago Volts in Hamilton.

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