NZC introduce new umpire signal

New Zealand Cricket (NZC) has today advised that a new signal will be used by umpires in the televised domestic matches in the situation when an umpire requests a review.

The new signal has been initiated to clarify the difference between a referral, where the third umpire is called upon to make a decision, and a review, where the on-field umpire does not transfer the decision but requests assistance.

The NZC Playing Conditions 6.2 and 6.3 enable umpires in televised matches to use their discretion in requesting a review before making a decision.

To indicate a review has been requested the on-field umpire will cross their wrists with their hands above their head before contacting the third umpire. 

Further information:

Umpire referral:

An Umpire Referral places the decision making outcome totally in the hands of the TV/Third Umpire – hence the on field umpire making a signal in the shape of a TV screen with his hands to indicate.

Referrals cover appeals for - run outs, stumping, hit wicket, caught and bump ball. Any decision would be indicated by the use of red/green lights etc.

Umpire review request:

An umpire request for a review does not transfer the final decision to the TV/Third umpire- the ultimate decision remains with the on field umpire- he has simply asked the TV/3rd umpire for assistance and clarification- if available.

 An umpire review covers –e.g. a possible ‘no ball’ following a dismissal, the batsmen running to the same end, a boundary decision, obstructing the field, whether the batsman hit the ball before the ball hit his person before being caught.

Review signal:

To indicate that an umpire review is being requested- the on field umpire should cross his wrists with arms above his head- before communicating by handheld radio to the TV/3rd umpire, and asking very specifically what is being sought by review. He should also advise the players that he is requesting a review for  e .g. An over waist high no ball following dismissal.

The third umpire can then request the TV Director for footage of the appropriate views in order to assist/clarify for the on field umpire. The 3rd umpire should also advise the TV Director exactly what the on field umpire is seeking by way of clarification.

The third umpire must then advise the TV Director that he will be advising the on field umpire by handheld radio as to his review outcome and the on field umpire will make the decision. It is important for the TV Director to know this so that if appropriate –a camera can focus on the umpire for the decision.

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