Langer seeks protection

Australian opener Justin Langer will not only rely on his renowned hard work and meticulous preparation to comeback to Test cricket at his best, he will also demand that the manufacturer of his helmet makes sure the vital piece of equipment is up to scratch the next time he takes block.

Langer missed two-and-a-half Test matches with the affects of concussion as a result of copping a quick ball to his head from Makhaya Ntini on the South African tour.

The West Australian has now handed the helmet he wore back to Cricket Australia for them to have the protective equipment analysed by manufacturer Albion Sports in the hope modifications can be made to improve players' safety.

"Hopefully they can find out why, when I was hit flush on the head, it split the skin through the helmet and I needed stitches," Langer told The Australian.

"I was so severely concussed that I think it is important they have a look at it. I missed basically three Tests as a result.

"I'm not sure if they can add any further protection."

Langer will undergo further medical testing in the next fortnight, though the Australian team doctor said that the examinations will be 'routine' only.

But the gutsy left-hander - who has been struck many times while batting and fielding at short-leg - admits that the Ntini rocket was the worst one in his career.

"Obviously it hit me absolutely in the wrong spot," he said.

Langer did point out though that he believes that the helmet did its job on the fateful day in South Africa.

"I think the protection is excellent. It's very unusual these days to be hit in the helmet and to end up with concussion. It was a freakish incident. (The helmet) might have saved my life and saved my career. It could have been a lot worse."

Albion spokesman Ross Barrat said that company will be happy to make any amendments that increase the effectiveness of their helmets.

"We did discuss a few things, a few options, he was very good," Barrat said.

"The development of helmets can be a timely process simply because of the testing they have to go through. At the end of the day we are making a safety device."

Langer is expected to play a vital role in Australia's clash with England to reclaim the Ashes starting in November, in what will no doubt be his last series against the old enemy.

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