Hick not rushing into retirement

Graeme Hick turns 40 today but he is not planning to retire.

The former England Test batsman, who learned his cricket in Zimbabwe and who spent some seasons in New Zealand playing for Northern Districtgs, is in the last year of his contract with Worcestershire.

However, form and his desire to keep on playing will be the deciding factors in his choice to retire.

He told PA, "I'm not putting any date on things.

"It's not down to match by match, but hopefully I'll have a good enough year for the club to want me to come back.

"If I'm still playing well enough, that's fine.

"If I have a bad season, then obviously it is time to go," he said.

Hick said it would probably occur to him one morning when he arrived at the ground and it dawned on him that his time had arrived.

"I've always hoped that's the way it will happen. Then I will feel that I've no regrets about giving up," he said.

Hick said he wanted to be careful about making sure he retired at the right time, rather than having any lingering regrets about his decision.

"I'm an emotional person and I am sure it would be more difficult to enjoy my cricket if I knew this was going to be my last season.

"That would be in my mind. But I've approached this season as if there are still years left for me," he said.

It hasn't been the best of seasons for him to date. In three matches he has scored 70 runs.

Hick played 65 Tests averaging 31.32 runs while to date in his first-class career he has scored 38,507 runs at 52.46. He has scored 128 centuries.

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