DIARY: Sara McGlashan

Sara McGlashan
White Ferns batting star Sara McGlashan's latest diary entry from the 2010 ICC World Twenty20.

Diary entry one

It had been a long few weeks since the team was together for the training camp.

Everyone has worked hard in their own areas and most of the squad have had a couple of team mates to train with so it was great to meet up with everyone in Auckland. This may have been more due to the fact Air New Zealand were lovely enough to allow us into the koru lounge.

Anyway, fast forward 40 hours and we are finally here! Nearly managed to bring 13 players as someone didn’t hear their name announced over the loud speaker at the LA Airport and came close to missing out on a seat as the flight was overbooked.

Exhausted but excited we landed in St Kitts to be greeted by our two armed security guards and lovely local liaison officer. 

The trip from the airport was fairly quick and not just because the island is small but mainly due to our van driver running most cars off the road. We're considered VIPs I think! The drive was enjoyable though with entertainment provided from the talkback show on the radio which was like having a local 'Dr Phil' on air where people ring in about relationship issues. Very funny!

Anyway up over the hill we went then hello.....the Marriott Hotel. I think this complex takes up half of St Kitts. Amazing!

Marriott Hotel, St Kitts

A quick team walk along the beach and a pool session (which was like having a warm bath) got everyone feeling better but as 6 o'clock approached so did a bit of craziness (jetlag) so it was dinner time then off to bed for an early night.

An extremely long trip but well worth it… now bring on the cricket....and the sunshine… casino… golf… and beach.


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