Cooley looks to future

Newly appointed Australian bowling coach Troy Cooley says helping the Australian bowlers win back the Ashes will be just one of the many goals he hopes to achieve throughout his tenure.

Formerly the bowling coach at England, Cooley was widely credited for helping the English win back the Ashes, and although reclaiming the urn for Australia is one of his short term goals, he is more concerned about building a successful bowling attack for the future.

"I'm here for three years and hopefully at the end of those three years we can look back and say we've got a very good conveyor belt of fast bowlers that work very well within the Australian system," Cooley said.

"My job is to make sure that we handle all aspects of the player's development. I'll be trying to make sure that they walk away knowing a little bit more about the game, and they can deliver their game in the middle."

Cooley began working with the English national team in 2003, helping their bowling attack perfect the reverse swing that proved so successful against the Australian batting line-up.

The 40-year-old, however, said he would rather his attack have a variety of weapons, rather than merely beat the English at their own game.

"I think reverse swing is just one of the deliveries that fast bowlers should be able to produce in the middle," he said, "it goes with leg-cutters, off-cutters, the whole works."

"To become an all-round fast bowler I think you need to have those deliveries and if the conditions in the game suit they'll be able to exploit that variation."

"We need to make sure we understand where (the players) are with their games and obviously trying to work out what little things we can tinker with to improve their delivery and their skill and also what they have in the way of armory."

England's own fast bowling ranks were recently dealt a massive blow with Simon Jones missing the Sri Lankan series after scans discovered a new injury on his left knee.

During his own career with Tasmania, Cooley suffered two crippling back injuries, and he will be working to reduce injuries amongst the current Australian pace attack.

"Bowlers do have a pretty high injury risk, but we'll be making sure their bodies are fit and ready to be able to accept all those extra forces that are applied."

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