Bracewell runs the rule

BLACKCAPS coach John Bracewell is confident his side have the talent to master the new One-Day Rulings.

The BLACKCAPS will play under the new rules for the first time on home soil in the Chappell-Hadlee trophy games.

These include the new power-play system, and the introduction of substitutes – as seen in last season’s Twenty20 game at Eden Park.

The players were introduced to these new edicts in southern Africa during previous tours, but their first chance to play under them at home comes in the three-match clash with Australia.

The enforced absence of removes one of the players most adept at exploiting the new power-play rule.

In the longer term, Fleming’s abilities will prove crucial under the new rulings.

However, Bracewell remains confident the side can adapt, starting at Eden Park.

He told “We need the players to understand the new rules and have a side that can adapt to them.

“In terms of the power plays, it shows at the moment that they dominate the result. That means, if you win the power plays, you win the match.

“Sides are being a lot more aggressive later on. Scores of 75 in the first 15 are now escalating to 85 or 90.

“And they’ve still got five overs up their sleeve. They’re getting a head start. But it’s also making sure wickets are held in hand at the time.

“It’s not just a question of sending out a pinch hitter, but you’ve got to develop batters who can hit over the top of the 30-metre circle for fours.

“And we believe Stephen (Fleming),  and ), in particular, have those skills. I think we have the skill factor to take advantage of it.”

The coach also expects the BLACKCAPS will take the new laws regarding replacements in their stride: once they can count on all their key personnel.

He explained: “I don’t think we’ve quite nailed that down yet and one of the reasons we haven’t is injuries in our side, prior to selecting teams.

“In Zimbabwe, we had Christopher Cairns and Jacob Oram out, two key all-rounders injured through most of that One-Day series.

“And in that past series with South Africa, we had a similar situation with Jacob Oram.

“I don’t think unless you’ve got your contingency of all-rounders available, then I don’t think you can really nail down what the super-sub can do for your team.

“I think if we’ve got all-rounders in the right positions, it will depend on the wicket. And it will depend on what you do with the toss.”

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