Q&A with Shane Cortese

Q&A with Shane Cortese

Are you watching the Ashes, or do you stick to the BLACKCAPS?  
BLACKCAPS through and through but any self respecting cricket lover would tune in to the Ashes! Its fantastic cricket, well it used to be before Australia became so average, never under estimate them though, little battlers they are!

Would cricket would make good material for a dramatic musical?
Well this is one for the Pub Quiz round! (see what I did there?? Nothing Trivial coming soon TV1!!) Sir Tim Rice, (Who ran me out for a duck in Aberdeen and promised me a job when saying sorry I add, which I'm still waiting on) and Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber wrote a musical called “Cricket” in the 80s. This was actually the last musical they collaberated on. Many of the tunes were used on “Aspects Of Love” and Sunset Boulevard I believe so its been archived and put to bed. However how good would the box office be if it was reworked into a Bollywood style show and played in India??

Shane shows off his 'Mighty ND' cricket cap.
In a pub quiz, would you fancy your chances in a cricket stats round?
No I would be terrible, in fact Im terrible at all aspects of Pub Quiz, wonder how I got the job sometimes!

Have you ever played yourself? Talk us through a memorable wicket, innings or fielding feat?
I’ve played cricket all my life, from Northern Districts age group teams, to captaining The Lords Taverners at Arundal and the Oval to the Mighty Grafton Presidents. While playing with The Taverners I met and played with some amazing cricketers, Sir Garfield , Lord Cowdrey, Mike Denness, Clive Radley, Geoff Howarth, John Snow to name a few.

One of my most memorable times was in Norwich when I turned up to be told I was opening the bowling and my opening partner was sitting in the corner. Incredibly skinny, dark and hidden behind a ‘Best Bets” was none other than “Whispering Death”. We went outside where we had a warm up by bowling a few to each other as you do, I couldn’t actually believe it. He then came up and ASKED ME what end I wanted, “Any end you don’t want Michael would be fine by me” I replied, Fine he said in his deep west Indian Accent ‘I’ll take the wind”! I then sat back and watched Michael Holding come in off 30 paces. It was beautiful, bowled about 30kms an hour and hurt his hamstring but it was still beautiful!

On the job - 'shaken, not stirred please squire!' 

Who’s your all-time favourite cricketer and why?
Without peer Brett Lee. Love him. Plays with a smile, wears 58 (the greatest year in Rock n Roll history) and had the kahunas to release a bollywood song!! Man knows his market, although what batsman would wind him up about it?? His run up and action is pure cricket Nirvana

Do you carry a beach cricket set in the boot of your car ‘just in case’?
Doesn’t everyone??

You’re bowling to Jonathan Trott and he’s looking set – what’s your strategy?
Tell Dai Henwood to warm up, that inswinging yorker would get anyone.

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