Q&A with Andrew Mulligan

Q&A with Andrew Mulligan

How much time to you get to spend on the cricket desk at CGW?
Zero. And even if Mark is away ON cricket duty the other presenter gets to read it…it’s like they don’t trust me with it… It’s not golf…I’d easily sabotage our golf courage because that should be on the Living Channel.

You obviously enjoy commentating on basketball at Sky – have you ever commentated on cricket. If not, would you like to have a try?
Would love to have a crack and have commentated on it before when I was at 3 Sport and they had the free to air rights in 2003/04 and I actually commentated on Mark alongside Simon Doull and Dion Nash.

Do you think any of the Breakers would make decent cricket players? Which one/s?
I think Mika Vukona would make an excellent fast bowler; he’s strong and obviously tall and is intimidating when he smiles so he’d be perfect.

Have you met any famous cricketers, Mark Richardson excluded?  
Lucky enough to have met Sir Richard Hadlee and Waqar Younis recently and of course when Martin Crowe worked at Sky I saw him all the time and got to shoot the breeze with the legend. He even offered to sort me out a hairpiece too which was nice.

What moment in NZ cricket history would you like to have been there for?
Hobart and waiting for Doug Bracewell to give him beers after that magnificent finish also 1992 semi final and to hold Rod Latham close and whisper ‘it’s going to be ok’ to him.

What’s your strategy for the nervous nineties? Do it ones or knock it off with a quick six and four?
I’d go for it very time. I’m impatient and would want to get it over and done with as quick as possible. Mark has advised me it’s perfectly ok to take 3 sessions to get 10 runs though.

If you could change one rule in cricket, what would it be?

It’s perfectly imperfect at the moment. I like the drama associated with the DRS in the Ashes recently and of course the accusations of using silicone tape to cheat hotspot was amazing. I’m more the Shahid Afridi ball biting kind of player though.

Has Twitter enhanced or detracted from the cricket watching experience?  
It’s enhanced it to the point that you part of community who’s watching and experiencing the same game as you and cricket is perfect because you have about 45 seconds to discuss the last delivery or shot so. It’s a very Twitter friendly sport.

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