Cricketing Q+A: Laura McGoldrick

Cricketing Q+A: Laura McGoldrick

We catch up with Laura McGoldrick of Radio Hauraki, SKY Sport and ANZ Gold World to talk some cricket. 

What's your earliest cricket memory? 
The first game of cricket I ever went to was at the SCG, Australia vs Pakistan on the 1st Jan 1997. The main reason I think I remember it was not because of the Waughs and the Warnes etc playing, there was a streaker half way through, haha!

You spend a lot of time on the road covering cricket during the home summer - do you ever suffer cricket burnout and how do you cope? 
I’m lucky that I genuinely really enjoy the game of cricket so I never get sick of the game. I’m always learning more about it.

Do you / have you ever played cricket? 
I did, I played a lot of cricket at high school until I had to choose between cricket and tennis and I picked tennis!

Cricketers make good golfers. Discuss. 
Yeah a lot of cricketers enjoy their golf and are very good at it. Golf seems to be a sport that cricketers really enjoy playing while on tour and from what I hear we have some pretty talented golfers amongst the blackcaps! Clearly it’s all about hand-eye coordination.

You spent a lot of time with Kiwi cricket crowds this summer, how do we stack up when it comes to wit and banter? 
Kiwis are just awesome. This last summer and the Indian tour was a great example of top crowds.  We are are certainly louder than some of the other countries I’ve watched cricket in. I’d love to see us get a few more chants like the barmy army!
How do you find watching your fiancé Martin Guptil bat, on a scale of 'heaps of fun' to 'stressful'? 
It’s a very fine line between “fun” and “stressful” for me. I get nervous that’s for sure but I love watching and more than anything I’m very proud of him.

The Hauraki Breakfast is a fairly cricket-obsessed trio - will you have the West Indies tour matches on the telly while you're doing the show? 
Fairly cricket obsessed? I think you mean TOTALLY obsessed. We love the game and the blackcaps. But without a doubt we will have that Test series on in the studio – one of the perks of getting up so early is getting to watch some of the international cricket being played overseas! 

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