Cricket Q+A: Matt Heath

Cricket Q+A: Matt Heath

We talk cricket with Matt Heath of Radio Hauraki's Matt, Jeremy& Laura show and the Alternative Commentary Collective fame.  

Do you / have you ever play cricket yourself? 
I played at school but I was never any good. I blame my average skills on a bung eye and growing up on a farm with three sisters. Having said that I can slog sweep my 7 year old son out of the backyard 5 out of 6 balls.

What was the high point of the Alternative Commentary Collective's summer tour? What was the low point?!? 
The whole series was a high point. Being allowed to watch the Black Caps from a caravan on the boundary with a bunch of mates is a dream come true. Being allowed to commentate on it - unbelievable. The low point was the hour I spend with bad guts in a port-a-loo at Sedden Park.

What's your favourite NZ venue for cricket watching? 
As a kid I loved the terraces at Carisbrook. There were fights, fires, full frontal nudity, public urination.That’s where my passion for cricket really kicked off. Now the place is just a big puddle. These days I love the University Oval and The Bazza Razza (as it’s being called since Brendan’s 303).  

Have you ever seen the BLACKCAPS overseas? 
Unfortunately no but one of my favourite cricket experience was the 2005 ashes in England. I couldn’t get into the final test at The Oval so I watched the whole thing on big screens in a park with a chilly bin full of beers. It wasn’t my national side, I wasn’t even in the ground but it was a very good time.

What would your advice be for people spending the day at the cricket - what do you need to take to ensure a good time? 
All you need is some mates and your wallet - everything else will sort itself out.

Would Randy Campbell be into cricket, do you reckon? 
As a stuntman he would probably enjoy downing a bottle of vodka and facing Dale Stain. Randy isn’t a smart man.

Are you a stat man? Can you share a favourite stat? 
I enjoy hearing stats but I don’t retain them well. Having said that, everyone loves 9/52 at the Gabba.

Yourself, Jeremy and Laura are a fairly cricket-oriented breakfast radio combo - do you find yourselves wangling ways to nerd out about cricket together on-air?
We can spend whole mornings nerding on about cricket. The trick is zoning back into the show when we go live. During a Black Caps series it’s about a 50/50 cricket vs everything else we are supposed to talk about. We get told off for blabbing on about cricket too much. You will never hear a bad word about the BlackCaps on The Hauraki Breakfast. 

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