Picking Trent Boult's best catch is really difficult

Picking Trent Boult's best catch is really difficult

The catch everyone's talking about is this dismissal of Kieron Pollard, from Corey Anderson's bowling in the second Twenty20 v West Indies at Windsor Park, Dominca. 

Spectacular throw-it-in-the-air-and-regather boundary catches have become almost commonplace (Corey Anderson did his own earlier in the match to dismiss Darren Sammy), but we think adding a diving regather definitely adds a degree of difficulty: 
The chat on Twitter immediately afterwards was 'was it legal' - no less than the MCC's Twitter account @homeofcricket advised us to check Law 19 - boundaries, specially section 4: 

"(i) the first contact with the ball is by a fielder, not touching or grounded beyond the boundary, who has some part of his person grounded within the boundary or whose final contact with the ground before touching the ball was entirely within the boundary.

Any fielder subsequently touching the ball is not subject to this restriction.

(ii)    neither the ball, nor any fielder in contact with the ball touches, or is grounded beyond, the boundary at any time during the act of making the catch or of fielding the ball."

That's good enough for us :)  
Up until now, Trent's best for the BLACKCAPS had probably been this flying effort at point to snare Denesh Ramdin in the fourth innings of the second ANZ Test v West Indies at the Basin Reserve in December 2013, again from Corey Anderson's bowling. It lit up the winning effort on the last day and is a superb take when you consider the split second reaction time. Nice hang time, too. 
The hat-trick if you will is this one to dismiss Ajinkya Rahane (for 118) in the second ANZ Test v India, again at the Basin Reserve. Trent makes a ton of ground to get there, and overcomes a last minute wobble to stick out a paw and grab on. Doesn't he look pleased to get this one for good mate Tim Southee.
Bonus catching action - Kane Williamson gets in on the act to dismiss the rock Shivnarine Chanderpaul at Seddon Park in December 2013, taking this flyer in the gully. Good hands all around.  

Which one is your favourite, or is it impossible to decide?

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